Jonathan Lane


37 Endell Street, London W1 - Octobre 2009

Un monde fragile

Ces toiles sont toutes nées d’un fragment de 3m2 de feuillage dans le jardin. Là, j'ai trouvé un micro-univers de possibilités, et passé l'hiver à le ré-examiner. Combien de fois puis-je peindre la m&eacirc;me chose, dire la même chose : que j'ai confiance dans la nature, que je suis amoureux des feuilles, qu'un morceau d’arbre, même s'il n'est presque rien, est précieux ? On passe sans regarder, on répète les m&eacirc;mes erreurs, je peins et repeins ce détail de différentes façons, c'est ma manière d'exprimer qu'il est de notre devoir de toujours observer les choses à plusieurs reprises, de renouveler notre regard.

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Fragile precarious, robust and regenerative

My reference is currently the natural world, turning towards nature and away from things making no sense. I want to paint, but I want an activity that is disentangled, unglued from its current stigmas, and I need to paint instinctively for the sake of creation. I want to find a revisionist, perpetuating, undulating rhythm and this muse is arguably without bounds. Perhaps it is unnecessary to expand.

I have little to do with the awesome city in which I grew up, and it is this distance building up between us that is redefining integral values. Without the urban commentary I move towards an essential composition but fall humanly short. I spend probably too much time reading and watching the news, currently a growing phenomenon around the world. And captivated by current affairs it is as if, from my perch, I’m tuning in to a programme called Fuck The Planet Fuck Man (and other animals). Issues relating to the environment both physical and moral, the power struggles, the crisis, the corruption, the senselessness and the tragedy. This fragile world scares me, but it does not .inspire me directly to make art. Instead, I am bolstered by a world that takes such dramatic shape, and am able to plunge into a personal idealistic realm. I believe we could all look more closely at the natural world, to come to terms with our abuses and its needs. Surely we are not here to plunder its treasures for the purpose of human expansion? Surely we are not so arrogant as to believe that we are the all-important life-form? Let us hope that in the following years, we can collectively make progress, and make amends.

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